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Our Mission is to Help Children
Get Therapies that Promote their Best Potential for Growth and Development

Caring Child


We marvel at the power of therapy to transform children.


The need may change: a disability, a delay, a disorder,

or some disruption in their young lives.


One truth remains: there is unbounded potential in each of our children.


We owe it to them to find the right therapists who can unlock their potential.


And we owe it to their parents who do not settle for second best.


When we elevate the way we get therapies for our children,

we celebrate the way therapy elevates their lives.


From Personal to Purposeful

When Tiffney and Rey Vivo were looking for physical, occupational and speech therapists for their daughter, they were baffled by the lack of transparency in the search process. No easy way to browse providers and skills. A scarcity of parent testimonials. Plenty of trial and error, and even more turnover from one therapist to the next. Waitlists caused further delays in their daughter’s development during crucial times in her growth.


Finding other parents in the same conundrum did not make it any less difficult. Instead, it proved that they were not alone in their pain.


Rey, a cardiologist, advocated for the value of an informed choice when choosing a child therapist. He knew that those who gather information—including their provider’s credentials and reviews—make better decisions consistent with shared health goals. As an entrepreneur, Tiffney saw an opportunity to improve the process of connecting therapists and families like theirs. Using her experience in tech and HR, she worked with developers to design an app that would make it easier for children to receive therapy that fits their needs. 


Their personal experience gave birth to Therapprove. They thought of a name that conveyed mutual agreement among the very people who impacted a child’s care: parents, therapy providers and  organizations.


For Tiffney and Rey, Therapprove is truly more than a brand; it’s a community. One united by a singular purpose: to help children live their best lives through trustworthy and timely therapy.

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