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From Medical Offices
to Family Courts,
Therapprove is Here to Help

Pediatric Therapy
Easy as 1-2-3


Order Therapy for a Child

Refer Caregiver to Therapprove


Set up Family for Success


For Physicians 

For Judges

It can be difficult to deliver a diagnosis. And harder still for families to deal with the convoluted search for pediatric therapy.


When you make Therapprove your first recommendation, you give caregivers free tools to easily connect with therapists that fit their child’s needs. We want to be a part of your best practice, and help pave the way for your patients’ best outcomes. 

When the law steps in to support a child who needs therapy, let Therapprove be your ally in family court. Finding pediatric therapy can be challenging, especially for distressed families.


With Therapprove, caregivers can conveniently connect with different therapists, and select insurance-based or government-qualified options–all free of charge.

Need Supportive Materials?

Schedule an onsite visit with a Therapprove representative to receive more materials that you can share with families. Together, we can enhance their onboarding process and their journey to uncover the best options for their child. 

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