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What is a Therapprove recommendation and how can I make one?

After each appointment you make through Therapprove, you will receive an email requesting feedback about your therapy experience. You may leave a brief or detailed narrative about your encounter with an individual therapist, a group of therapists or even the practice (e.g. quality of facility, promptness of scheduling, courteousness of office staff, etc).

While others may refer to them as reviews, we at Therapprove prefer to call them recommendations as we choose to publish only positive and constructive feedback. In line with Therapprove’s culture of mutual respect, we seek to promote best practices rather than negative energy. We believe that unfavorable outcomes with child therapy typically comes from poor therapist-child fit and not necessarily from bad therapists. These outcomes have sadly been perpetuated by an outdated system that prevented caregivers from appraising child therapists based on factual information about their credentials and competencies. Conversely, we believe that building transparency in the search process results in the “best fit” therapy and, in turn, the best outcomes for children.

We validate that recommendations are shared only by verified caregivers whose children have received therapy services through Therapprove. And because recommendations are solicited after each appointment, the process helps create a true representation of the user experience. Before Therapprove, it was challenging to find any good or bad reviews for child therapists from various disciplines. Recommendations sets Therapprove apart by establishing it as a uniquely transparent and trustworthy resource for the delivery of pediatric therapy services.

In rare cases when safety concerns need to be reported, we advise that you first contact your local authorities. We depend on your proactive concern to keep our online community safe so please reach out to us with any concerns.

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